Meeting Videos – 2023

2023 State of Spine Meeting

Welcome to the State of Spine meeting page for 2023. View the meeting program and browse videos from key lectures from the 2023 meeting, below.

Meeting Videos

Revision Strategies for a Failed Single or Multilevel Arthroplasty

Todd Albert, MD


How I Do an Endoscopic Fusion

Mike Wang, MD


What Is the Typical Private Equity Deal Offered to Surgeons Today? How Does It All Work?

Roger Strode


Sagittal Plane Surgery Feels So Good: As a Result, I Regularly Re-operate on Octogenarians for PJK

Greg Mundis, MD


MIS TLIF is Difficult to Do Well—Nuances for Success

Paul Park, MD


Dealing with Complications Down a Tube

Roger Härtl, MD


The Business of Spine Surgery—Where Are We Going Next?

Alex Vaccaro, MD, PhD, MBA


Augmented Reality: Where Are We?

Frank Phillips, MD


Anesthesia for the ASC?

Ernest Braxton, MD


The Future of Spinal Deformity Surgery

David Polly, MD