Meeting Videos – 2022

2022 State of Spine Meeting

Welcome to the State of Spine meeting page for 2022. Below, you will find links to the program from this meeting as well as a variety of videos.

Meeting Videos


Primer on Fusion Techniques

Christoph Hofsetter, MD


SPECT Scans to Decide on Levels to Treat

Greg Mundis, MD


Prone Lateral Surgery

Juan Uribe, MD


Predictive Analytics: A Way to Determine Who Should or Shouldn't Have Spinal Deformity Surgery?

Chris Ames, MD


PE Recapitalizations and Formation of "Super Groups"

Roger Strode


PJK: What We Think We Know and What We Don't

Han Jo Kim, MD


Lumbar TDR: How and When Do I Use in My Practice?

Jack Zigler, MD


Lateral ALIF/XLIF With Percutaneous Screws

Frank Phillips, MD


OLIF L5-S1, and All the Way Up

Richard Hynes, MD


ERAS: Awake Spinal Surgery: Real Benefit or Cool Social Media Ploy?

Alok Sharan, MD


Future of Cervical TDR

Hyun Bae, MD